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Elevated Living Chiropractic's Approach

Your initial visit at the office may be different than what you have come to expect at a chiropractic office.  Yes, you will still be provided with specific Chiropractic care, but it’s incorporating our soft tissue and rehabilitation techniques that make your experience unique from other offices.  Elevated Living Chiropractic is patient focused, which is why we schedule longer appointment visits with you and also ensure the bulk of that time is spent with your Doctor of Chiropractic.  You will be provided with reasonable timetables for your treatment plans and learn simple exercises that allow you progress outside of our office.  Our goal is to not only see you pain free, but for you to ascend towards a level of optimal health.  

chiropractic adjustment
initial appointment

Initial Appointment

At Elevated Living Chiropractic, your initial appointment visit will be scheduled for about an hour to allow for proper consultation and treatment on the same day.  If you come into our office in pain, you can expect to receive treatment during your first visit, as long as further imaging, exams, testing, etc., do not need to be completed after the examination.  

Treatment Plan

Due to our individualized and integrative health care, you will be provided with shorter care plans compared to traditional offices.  Each patient is different and the severity of complaints can change dramatically, but typically patient care plans will include 2-3 visits per week for 2-4 weeks.  ART treatments are rarely performed on consecutive days, therefore 3 visits a week is normally our maximum frequency throughout a weeks time. 

treatment plan
optimal health

Optimal Health

At the end of your treatment plan, we will re-evaluate the initial complaint to see if the problem has completely resolved, or if additional treatment may be needed.  At this point, if the problem has resolved and you are no longer in pain, we can change our focus from pain management to improving your overall function and working towards optimal health.  This plan normally consists of 1-2 visits per month to keep on track with care and add additional exercises to continue your progress.   


Office Hours

Monday- Thursday: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Saturdays by appointment

Contact Me

102 Grant St, Suite A, Aurora, NE
Phone: 402-819-9549
Email: [email protected]